The masters of electrical repair in Christchurch

The team at Star Electrical provide a wide and varied service and can customize our service to suit your particular needs. Whether you work for a school, an office, a large factory or just need some re-wiring done in your own home, our expertise in all things electrical make us the number one candidate for your business. 

Whatever your needs, and whatever the job, Star Electrical can work with you to provide the best service, products and solution to all your electrical needs.
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Your home

We know what makes a house feel like a home: from gorgeous light fittings, a comfortable hot water system and heating to provide a bit of warmth during the chill of winter, Star Electrical has you and hour home covered. Our extensive range of services includes everything from the quintessential services such as installing power points, lighting, hot water and heating to more elaborate jobs such as installing switchboards, fuses and servicing the internals of your house to ensure that your safety is absolutely assured. 

Is your home frequently experiencing brown outs, where your power goes dim for up to a few minutes at a time? Do you know if your home is safe and secure when it comes to your internal wiring: the central nervous system of your properties electrical system? We can help with that! If you're building a new home, call us and get it kitted out with the safest cutting edge technology, to ensure you're getting the best out of your new place. 

Whether it's new or old, we can help with your home electrical jobs.
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Your business

At Star Electrical, we understand business. As a business ourselves, we understand the pressure of deadlines and timing, and we also know how essential electricity is to the correct operation and function of your company. We can work with you to get the best out of your business: our flexible team can work around you and your schedule so that we can get the job done and get out of there as soon as possible, ensuring you don't suffer as a result. Protect your precious technology with Star Electrical! 

We can provide expert and cutting edge electrical technology, such as fuse breakers and surge protectors, so that your data is safe during a storm, and you don't have to fork our hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace your gear when it all gets a bit much.

Call us today

Getting all your electrical needs in one place has never been so easy! With Star Electrical, we can get your needs done and provide you apt and clever solutions to your electical problems, from repairig your old stuff to installing it fresh. Our master electricians are more than capable, and have years of experience in their fields.

Want to know more about our services? Call us today on 027 545 6863!
Want to know more about our services? 
Call us today on 027 545 6863!
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